The company “Spetstechkomplekt” was founded in 2002 and since then has established itself as a reliable partner who professionally executes their job.

One of the main specialties of the company is linked with solving problems associated with the management of radioactive waste, its packaging, transportation, removal from storage places as well as the rehabilitation of storage sites.

Furthermore, within the company “Spetstechkomplekt” exist different departments that are dealing with designing, planning and engineering of buildings and structures in addition to manufacturing of equipment. The company has several branches located in Russia, specifically in Saint-Petersburg, the Novgorod Region, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. The total number of personnel working on a permanent basis is about 100 people.

In 2013, a new subdivision of the company was founded- Testing Laboratory LLC “Spetstechkomplekt”.

At the laboratory are being conducted certified tests of packages, packaging sets and containers, including dual-use packages (used both for storage and transportation) suited for radioactive substances (RS), products that are based on them, radioactive waste. Additionally, the component parts of packaging sets and containers are also being tested.

The company is actively cooperating with leading nuclear organizations, such as:

“Rosatom”; unitary enterprise „RosRAO“ ; National Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”; JSC “FCNRB”; unitary enterprise “RADON”; JSC “ATOMPROJECT”; JCS “NIKIET”; SZTS “SevRAO”- a branch of the unitary enterprise “RosRAO”; JSC “OKBM Afrikantov”; JCS OKB “GIDROPRESS”; unitary enterprise RNTS “Applied Chemistry”; unitary enterprise ATC SPb; ANO “Atomcertifika” and many others.

LLC “Spetstechkomplekt” occupies a stable position on the market and is constantly improving and expanding the sphere of its activities. We are ready to offer a wide range of our services in designing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment, automating technological processes, design and installation of automated process control systems as well as design of containers, covers for transportation of radioactive waste. The company has all necessary licenses, permits and certificates for carrying out the aforementioned activities.

Additionally, one of the main factors that ensures a high level of engineering solutions and services offered by LLC “Spetstechkomplekt” is the professionalism of employees.

All staff members have a degree in such fields as construction, energy industry and engineering as well as many years of working experience in companies of various engineering and technical fields.

The LLC “Spetstechkomplekt” consists of the following departments:

·    Testing laboratory LLC “Spetstechkomplekt”

·    Project group

           - Design Office №1

           - Design Office №2

·    Production and technical base (town Staraya Russa)

           - Mechanical processing area

           - Electro-technical area

·    Production and technical area (town Murmansk)

           - Welding area

           - Stock

·    Technical maintenance area (village Orovo)

           - Crew for technical maintenance and repair of lifting equipment

           - Crew for general construction work

·    Construction and mounting site for general construction work

·    Construction and mounting site for special tasks


·    Safety Department

Branches of LLC “Spetstechkomplekt”:

·    Mirny, Arkhangelsk region;

·    Snezhnogorsk, Murmansk region.