Design and manufacture of containers and transport packaging sets (TPS) for transportation and storage purposes of radioactive waste. Certification

Questions concerning nuclear and radiation safety during transportation of radioactive waste (RW) and Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) are always of paramount importance due to potential risk of inflicting damage to people and environment.


That is the reason why such close attention is paid firstly to the quality of produced packages for transportation and storage of RW and SNF, and secondly to their compliance with applicable standards and regulations (NP-053-16) as well as state standards (GOST R 52761-2007). Furthermore, the processes of exploitation and subsequent disposal are at the same level of significance.


The company LLC “Spetstechkomplekt” carries out:



-certification of industrial packages of type PU-2, type A in accordance with the requirements of NP-053-04.


We are ready to offer a wide range of services related to designing, manufacturing of non-standard equipment and containers to be used for transporting of radioactive waste.


Here is a list of designed, manufactured and certified containers:

Special container PU-2CTK-SK;

Transport container TZK-1;

Transport container TZK-2;

Storing cylinders (Type 1, Type 2, Type 3)

Here is a list of designed containers (ready to be manufactured and certified):

Packaging set UKT1A-70-STK1;

Packaging set UKT1A-50-STK2;

Protective container STK-NZK;

-  Primary packaging UPM-STK1, UPM-STK2, UPM-STK3, UPM-STK4