Reconstruction and modernization of complex and hazardous production facilities


Specialists at the LLC “Spetstechkomplekt” have an experience of working at hazardous and especially dangerous sites:

·         Urgent maintenance of SNF storage at the territory of PVC at Andreeva Bay;

·         Used objects of atomic energy (including nuclear installations, storage facilities of nuclear materials and radioactive substances);

·         Technical maintenance and extension of the resource handling complex at the closed facility, town Ostrovnoi, Murmansk region. Overhaul and refurbishment, modernization (MK 75/25, KPM 10, MK 20/5);

·         Hydraulic structures of the first and second degree, installed in accordance with the legislation on safety of hydraulic structures;

·         Line-cable communication facilities and communication facilities, in accordance with the legislation of Russian Federation;

·         Power transmission lines and other electric grid facilities with a voltage of 330 kV and more;

·         Space infrastructure facilities.