Technical modules at the decontamination site


In order to ensure technological process at the working decontamination site of the building 154/155 at the Andreev Bay, the following modules are located:

- Decontamination chamber module;

- Air purification unit;

- Unit for collection and distribution of LRW;

- Unit of freshwater reserve;

- Unit for collection and distribution of drain water;

- Unit for collection and dispersion of drainage from sanitary inspection rooms, as well as created a storage place for chemicals and decontaminated products.

Building 154/155 is intended for such purposes as maintenance, repair and storage of process equipment for PVC of the SNF management system as well as for decontamination of process equipment.

The decontamination section consists of two working areas:

·    Repair area of technological equipment;

·    Working area of decontamination

Working area of decontamination is intended:

·    For decontamination of individual structures that must undergo technical check or repair, assemblies and loading mechanisms, cases of type “CHT”, equipment and tools that intended for operation of handling equipment and covers, auxiliary equipment for servicing of transport containers of type TUK-108/1, components (elements) and lifting equipment that has to be repaired at the workshops of the building 154/155;

·    For decontamination of separate structures, assemblies and mechanisms of the technical process equipment for management of SNF (Spent Nuclear Fuel) that radioactively contaminated and have to be maintained and repaired at the building 154/155;

·    For decontamination of remotely controlled equipment (such as robots and manipulators) that is operating with SNF and RW (radioactive waste) and has been directed to the building 154/155 for repair

LRW that has been generated in the process of decontamination of equipment, is being collected at the collection and distribution unit of LRW and afterwards is being transferred to recycling.

SRW (cleaning materials, film coating after decontamination, PPE, components etc.) is also being collected at containers/receivers of the type BN-0,2 and directed for recycling afterwards.

By the end of decontamination process, the equipment is directed to the site of the output of radiation monitoring (RM), where it is being redirected according to its level of contamination.