Sanitary security


At the sanitary security control workers are being controlled by the sanitary inspection rooms, sanitary locks, so called “leg modes”, special laundry and drinking fountains.

Sanitary inspection rooms are located between free and controlled access zones, sanitary locks are located between periodically serviced and unattended premises as well as on the boarder of temporally polluted zones.

In order to pass from the free access zone to controlled access zone and back everyone has to go through the sanitary inspection room, which implies the following: change of clothes, sanitary treatment of personnel, radiation monitoring of the body and work clothes as well as collection and direction of work clothes to the laundry room for decontamination.

Entering and exiting the controlled access zone, bypassing the sanitary inspection room, is prohibited. Passing from the controlled access zone to the locally protected zone is prohibited.

Sanitary facilities are divided into two sections: “clean” and “dirty”.

Corridors, from “clean” section areas to “dirty” section areas are equipped with doors with special latches that can be opened from the “clean” compartments. These doors must always be kept closed.

Every worker is being provided with individual closets both for personal belongings at “clean” section, as well as for work clothes at “dirty” section, when working at the controlled access zones.

In order to ensure a high level of sanitary access control following things must be met, firstly must be ensured constant work of showers, radiation monitoring devices and hair dryers. Secondly, at the special premises of sanitary inspection rooms, must be provided an emergency supply of PPE as well as an additional supply of detergents for the treatment of hands and body.

The LLC “Spetstechkomplekt” offers the following options for ensuring sanitary access control:

Modular inspection room;

Sanitary lock;

Mobile sanitary lock