Design, construction and reconstruction of civil and industrial facilities


The LLC “Spetstechkomplekt” is performing a range of construction and installation works of industrial and civil facilities: starting right from scratch up to the roof, including installation of internal and external engineering networks, technological equipment and commissioning works as well as the implementation of post-warranty maintenance of engineering systems.

We have a stable and confident position on the market for the construction of industrial and civil facilities, thermal and electric power facilities throughout Russia.

Main range of activities includes:

·    Civil Engineering:

           - Intermunicipal department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs “Novgorodsky”;

           - Intermunicipal department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs “Soletsky”;

           - Intermunicipal department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs “Krestetsky”;

·    Reconstruction of buildings and facilities:

           - The project of reconstruction of the heat supply system of military facility at Olenegorsk-2, Murmansk Region;

           - Overhaul of soldier’s canteen facility, designed for 250\500 seats\dinners, located at closed facility “Gadzhiyevo”, Murmansk region;

           - Rehabilitation and reconstruction of radiochemical production of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Russian Science Center for Applied Chemistry”, Saint Petersburg;

           - Design and installation of modular boilers (built-in, attached, freestanding, mobile);

           - Design and installation of steam and water-heating boilers, mini power and heat plants (built-in, attached, freestanding, gas turbine power plants);

          - Design and construction of housing and utility facilities, industrial facilities and structures (individual district heating substation, central heating station, metering stations of heat and gas, heat chambers, warehouses for various materials, open, covered and underground parking lots);

          - Design and manufacture of chimneys and towers (pipes with carrying shaft, pipes with non-carrying shaft and supporting structures from spatial trusses or exhaust towers as well as design of cable-stayed systems);

           - Design of power supply systems, low-voltage systems as well as automation and communication systems. Construction and reconstruction of transformer substations;

           - Installation and commissioning of energy facilities;

           - Design of external heating systems, outdoor water and sewerage systems, gas and fuel supply systems;

           - Manufacture of products from high-strength concrete.

Our company has all needed licenses and certificates as well as equipped with latest technological equipment. Highly qualified personnel of the company have proven itself in the eyes of customers.