Design and manufacture of lifting equipment


The LLC “Spetstechkomplekt” specializes in design, installation, repair and maintenance of lifting equipment.

Specialists are accomplishing a full cycle of duties relating to lifting mechanism, ranging from design, installation and commissioning to overhaul and dismantling of equipment.

Design of lifting equipment includes:

·    Project department;

·    Conformity of the equipment with the state standards, technical regulations as well as wishes and requirements of the customer;

·    Computer modelling;

·    Computation of carrying capacity of all metal structures;

·    Fulfillment of complex orders for non-standard conditions, including severe climate conditions of the client’s region;

·    Development of control systems for lifting mechanisms

The LLC “Spetstechkomplekt” has all necessary permits that needed for design and installation of lifting equipment. Everything is being carried out by qualified engineers, installers and welders. Additionally, all our employees are certified and have all necessary work permits.

Installation of lifting equipment is carried out with the help of high-quality modern equipment. Furthermore, every stage of this process is monitored and reflected in the relevant documentation.

The price of the order is determined by the following factors, materials that are chosen by the client, design decisions, scope of work and number of additional services (maintenance of lifting equipment, repair and calculation of individual design solutions).

Completed projects:

·    single-girder overhead traveling crane with s lifting capacity of 10 tons (span of 16,5 m); (Photo Gallery- Lifting equipment)

·    electric overhead traveling crane ZBK-16/5-19,82 l/c 16/5 t (span of 19,8 m).