Modernization of the crane equipment


Выполненные работы: Modification of the KPM-30-10-10.5 crane


Specialists at the LLC “Spetstechkomplekt” are carrying out the analysis, development manual and design documentation, installation of panel products, assembly and commissioning of electrical installations of electrical equipment of various purposes.

Currently, these are the most popular inquiries:

·    Assembly of control panels of crane equipment;

·    Production of control joysticks (operation cabins);

·    Setting up radio control of crane equipment, using frequency converters.

Being able to control a crane on a distance via radio manipulator has the following advantages:

-ensures safety whilst slinging and transferring of goods;

-operator with a control panel, who is in proximity with cargo is less likely to make a mistake than a crane operator, who does not have a visual contact with the cargo while sitting at the control cabin;

-frequency converters ensure smooth lifting and lowering of the load and movement of the crane as well as increases the life of engines and brake drums;

-being able to use up to five fixed speeds of movement has a positive effect on safety, energy consumption and performance of the crane equipment.